About Yebi Health

Our Mission and Vision

Founded in 2020, our goal is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone living in Tanzania, Eastern and Southern Africa. We believe that through technology and innovative solutions we can reduce healthcare costs and facilitate access to quality-assured medication and healthcare services for all.

The word Yebi means to participate, to play an active role. Join us in our vision of a future where universal health coverage has been achieved for all people.

How the Yebi Health Ecosystem Works

Our digital health marketplace enables easy transaction of quality-assured medication so that manufacturers, importers, vendors, pharmacists, and patients can all easily sell, buy, and access high-quality medicine and services. We provide value to all levels of the medical supply chain by working with the existing infrastructure to deliver substantial and transformative mutual benefits. We simplify the medical supply chain while supporting the fight against falsified and substandard medication.

At the same time, healthcare becomes more accessible than ever by providing Tanzanians all over the country the opportunity to find the medicine they need from local vendors at affordable prices or book appointments with doctors and other healthcare professionals with our facilitated booking system.

With the platform, we are able to collect data from every level of the medical supply chain to better understand where the strongest supply needs lie and how we can better provide accessible healthcare throughout Tanzania.

Where We Operate

Yebi Health has begun operations in Tanzania and in the near future we plan on launching in other Eastern and Southern Africa countries.