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Carofit Tablets
Pack of 30 Tablets
TZS 15,000.00
  • SKU ID : 9QTL3
  • Category : Other Vitamins
  • Availability : In stock
  • Seller : Zedd Pharmacy - Sinza Mori near by GBP Petrol Station, Dar es Salaam
About this item

Carofit Plus Tablet functions as a dietary supplement, aiming to address deficiencies in vitamins and minerals within the body. Formulated with Astaxanthin, Beta Carotene, Carrot Extract, Lycopene, and Resveratrol, it contributes to enhancing bone strength and promoting general well-being. Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant present in the supplement, plays a protective role by safeguarding cells from potential damage.