Yebi Health for Sellers

Why sell with us?

Yebi Health is a marketplace, connecting sellers and buyers of pharmaceuticals. As a seller, you get access to our large network of buyers across Tanzania and beyond. Both retail customers and bulk wholesale customers come to Yebi to find the best suppliers of pharmaceuticals available creating opportunity for sellers to reach more customers countrywide and drive more sales.

Who can buy and sell on Yebi?

All sellers interested in selling on the Yebi marketplace must first create an account and be approved. This ensures that medicine and medical devices are quality assured and safe for all buyers. Customer safety is our top priority.

The Yebi marketplace supports two types of buyers: wholesale and and retail buyers. Wholesale buyers must first registered on the platform and be approved, this ensures that only the correct customers can buy wholesale.

How can you sell on Yebi?

As a registered seller on Yebi, you can upload your products in our portal and they will be directly listed on the platform to potential buyers. Products for retail and wholesale are marked differently to ensure that buyers are shown the right products and quantity of purchase.

How are purchased products picked up?

Once products are purchased, buyers can acquire goods either via direct shipment or by going to the pharmacy for self pick-up. If there are any difficulties or confusion, we are happy to get on the phone with you and the buyers to ensure as easy a solution as possible.

How can buyers pay for purchases?

Buyers can pay for selected items in Tanzanian Shillings (TZS) via mobile money or bank transfers.

Where does Yebi operate?

Yebi Health operates across Tanzania, serving both urban and rural communities. Our mission is to make access to medicine and medical products as easy as possible for anyone in Tanzania and we are always actively working towards better solutions for our sellers and buyers.

What fees are there for sellers?

We charge sellers a small sales commission fee as part of the marketplace. Only where there is a sale is a fee charged, otherwise there are no fees.

Do you have questions?

Want to know more? Interested in selling products on our platform? Reach out to us via, by phone at +255 752 500 499 or on WhatsApp by clicking here.