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About Yebi Health

Our Mission and Vision

Founded in 2020, our goal is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in Tanzania and Africa. We believe that through technology and innovative solutions, we can optimize healthcare costs and facilitate access to quality-assured medication and healthcare services for all.

How Our Platform Works

We employ technology to streamline the medical supply chain by connecting suppliers of pharmaceuticals, retail pharmacies, and patients via a B2B2C online marketplace.

Our sellers benefit from our large network of customers across Tanzania while our customers can easily find the medication and medical goods they need locally and at affordable prices.

We Champion Ecosystem Thinking in Healthcare

Our marketplace enables easy transactions of quality-assured medication so that manufacturers, importers, vendors, pharmacists, and patients can all easily sell, buy, and access high-quality medicine and services. We provide value to all levels of the medical supply chain by working with the existing infrastructure to deliver substantial and transformative mutual benefits.

We also look for gaps in the supply chain to be able to develop, market, and distribute branded and third-party products.

Where We Operate

Yebi Health currently operates our platform ( across Tanzania and in the near future, we plan on launching in other African countries.

Get in Touch

Want to know more? Interested in selling products on our platform? Reach out to us via or +255 752 500 499.