Our Preventive Treatment for UTIs: Super Eco (D-Mannose with Vitamin C)

What is Super Eco?

Super Eco is a treatment developed by Yebi Health to help prevent urinary tract infections in both women and men. It has been approved by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and is a daily supplement composed of D-Mannose with Vitamin C to help prevent bacterial infection in the bladder and boost the immune system naturally.

Interested in knowing more? We provide commonly asked questions below.

What is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) means having bacterial infection in any part of one’s urinary system. Risk factors of UTI include poor hygiene, suppressed immune system, frequent unprotected sex, pregnancy and use of products that may alter vaginal pH.

Symptoms of UTI

  • Painful, burning sensation during urination
  • Strong-foul-smelling urine
  • Lower abdomen pain
  • Small amounts of urine
  • Urge to urinate on an empty bladder

Is UTI my problem alone?

You are not alone! Although more common in women, UTI can affect all people at any age. About 1 in every 3 people contract this infection at some point in their lives. Also, in some patients, the condition develops again after standard treatment; this is called recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.

How do I treat or manage UTI?

Generally, when you have UTI, treatment is treated with antibiotics. You get them from hospitals or pharmacies under a doctor’s prescription only. It is not recommended to self-treat with antibiotics because it is unsafe and may lead to antimicrobial resistance, which contributes to the ineffectiveness of some antibiotics. Resistant bacteria may give rise to recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Isn’t prevention better than cure?

Yebi Health has developed a non-antibiotic remedy supplement called “Super Eco”. Super Eco has been approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and granted market authorization with registration certificate number TBS/EZ/F/PROD/2022/3652. Super Eco is safe, effective and affordable.

What are the active ingredients in Super Eco?

D-Mannose is the main active ingredient in Super Eco. D-Mannose is a simple sugar found in several fruits and is proven to be as effective as antibiotics in treating UTI. D-Mannose prevents bacteria from attaching onto the bladder walls. Additionally, Super Eco contains Vitamin C, which boosts your immunity, acidifies the urine, and prevents bacteria growth. Super Eco comes in a tasty, orange-flavored chewable tablet form. The combination of D-Mannose and Vitamin C is recommended by doctors and backed by scientific research to be used alone or together with antibiotics to manage recurrent UTIs.

Use Super Eco for a healthier, superior and balanced urinary tract ecosystem.

How do I use Super Eco?

Take four (4) tablets daily with water or juice before meals. Super Eco tablets can also be chewed.

Where can I find Super Eco

Super Eco comes in two servings: a weekly serving with 28 tablets and a monthly serving with 120 tablets. The supplement will be sold over the counter (OTC) and will also be available online via Yebi Health online marketplace or a store near you. The supplement is also available for wholesale distribution.

Talk to your doctor about appropriate treatment options if you have acute UTI.