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Burnox Cream 30g
Tube of 30 g Cream
TZS 5,000.00
  • SKU ID : LU0MW
  • Category : Wound Care & Dressing
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  • Seller : Nody's Pharmacy - Africana Road, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam
About this item

Burnox Cream is a topical treatment used to help heal minor burns, scalds, and wounds. The active ingredient in Burnox Cream is Silver Sulfadiazine, an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent infection in the skin. This cream creates a barrier against bacteria, allowing the wound to heal in a clean environment. It's typically applied one to two times per day or as directed by a healthcare provider. Before using Burnox Cream, the affected area should be cleaned thoroughly. After applying the cream, you may cover the area with a sterile bandage. It is important not to use Burnox Cream on large areas of the body or for prolonged periods without the advice of a healthcare professional.