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Coldril syrup
Bottle of 100 ml Syrup
TZS 4,000.00
  • SKU ID : SA3C1
  • Category : Cough Syrups, Sore Throat & Cough, Flu & Cold
  • Availability : In stock
  • Seller : Nody's Pharmacy - Africana Road, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam
About this item

Coldril Syrup is an over-the-counter medication formulated to alleviate symptoms of the common cold, including cough, nasal congestion, and sore throat. It contains a combination of dextromethorphan, an effective cough suppressant, and phenylephrine, a decongestant that reduces nasal swelling. To ensure proper dosage and safety, follow the instructions on the packaging or consult a healthcare professional. Avoid using Coldril Syrup if you have high blood pressure, and do not combine it with other cold or cough medications.